COVID-19 Update (June 5)

We are reopening June 12! 

We have new procedures and personal protective equipment (ppe) in place in order to operate our parks in a safe, clean environment for the public and our staff.  We are going to double check our new protocol to make sure it meets or exceeds state guidelines issued today and reopen June 12.  Here is what we will be doing;

Tahoe Treetop Staff Protocol

Park Preparation

*  All staff will have face coverings and eye protection.

*  We will  be sanitizing touch points such as pens, tablet surfaces, drinking fountain, hand wash station, restrooms often.

*  Staff will be washing/sanitizing their hands or gloves after helping harness patrons in every session.  

*  Staff temperatures will be checked upon arriving for work.  Those with 100.4 or more will be sent home.  


*  We have moved our waivers online and it is highly recommended to complete all reservations and waivers prior to arrival.  We have a QR code to complete an electronic waiver onsite with your phone for those that forget to complete it ahead of time.  

*  Signage is posted at the entrance and start of all courses reminding patrons of Covid protocol.


*  New small harness platforms have been created that adhere to distancing recommendations.

*  All gear, harnesses, lanyards (tethers), trolleys, and helmets are disinfected after each use.

Ground School

*  Ground markers appropriately distanced have been added to designate spots to stand during ground school.

On Course

*  Number of participants per session have been reduced almost 30% to facilitate easier distancing. 

*  A hand wash station is being placed near the drinking fountain.  The exit of every course has hand sanitizer available.  

*  Signage at the start of each course instructs patrons regarding Covid protocol.  


In order to keep our business and community safe and healthy, this is what we ask of you;


Customer Code of Conduct

*  Please do not come if under quarantine or self-isolating or is you have any of the following symptoms;  cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell.

*  A face covering is highly recommended to have on your person.

*  Maintain 6 feet of distance between you and others not in your group.

*  In situations when physical distancing is not possible, wear your face covering.

*  Hands/gloves must be washed or sanitized after finishing each course.

*  Sneeze or cough into a cloth or tissue.  If not available, use your elbow.

*  Avoid touching your face.

*  Bring your own helmet.  While we do have helmets to use, please bring your own bike helmet or something similar.  

Your are participating in this activity at your own risk.   

We have been making course improvements and are ready to open!  We are especially grateful to our beloved visitors and fellow locals that have made us the #1 outdoor activity on the north shore of Lake Tahoe.  

We'll see you soon.