Course Design and Safety Tahoe Treetop Adventure Parks

Course Design and Safety


Safety is our number 1 priority, with fun as a close 2nd.  We utilize state-of-the-art technology in our equipment to continue our record of safe and fun adventure experiences.

Our Tahoe City park features two different belay systems. Our Flying Squirrel zone uses a continuous belay system that is impossible to disconnect from while at height. Hook your trolley onto the cable when standing on the ground and go!  Your safety gear will follow you around the course; there is no need to disconnect and then reconnect at every tree.  Our Monkey Course zone uses a Smart Belay mechanical system that will only allow one carabiner to be unhooked from the safety cable at a time. Gone are the days of an extensive “ground school” or unsafe double unclipping from safety cables while standing on a platform.  

Our Tahoe Vista and Squaw Valley courses are entirely built using the Saferoller continuous belay systems.  We’ll have you signed up and climbing within minutes.

Course Design

Our courses were designed and built by Big Blue Aerial, a leading builder of aerial adventure parks on the west coast of the US.  Each course is carefully designed to build upon and compliment other courses within the overall park design.  This results in a user-friendly design that is fun, challenging, and exhilarating.