About Us

At Tahoe Treetop Adventure Parks, we believe that engaging in active outdoor activities can be therapeutic, and that pushing oneself will involve learning and discovery.  Whether it be a solo experience or shared experience with a small or large group, we grow beyond our self-perceived limits, create and strengthen bonds between family, friends or coworkers, and find balance in countless ways. 

How we do this:

“Bring Ourselves” – our signature presence as individuals and as a business presents the opportunity for our guests to have a truly unique and positive experience.  What we’ve created and how we approach our workplace is born of our art and passion – and we want to share it with our guests.  We love doing our own activities, we know our guests will too.

“See the Trees” – In our most popular activities, trees are the pillars and foundations with which we partner.  Each tree is unique and together make up a forest system comprising much more than the sum of the parts.  Our employees play a similar role within the business.  We love it when they smile, laugh, and play along with guests; we strive to create a workplace where they feel respected and valued.

“Create a splash” – We love living next to the most beautiful lake in the world.  Our communities are small and there are many groups and organizations that help others, and often need support themselves.  We are thrilled to help by donating our time and adventures; convinced that a splash on our part creates a long-lasting ripple.