Adventure Parks

Payment is required at the time of booking. Cancellations and changes are accepted up to 24 hours prior to scheduled activity time without penalty. Any cancellations made within 24 hours of activity time and “no shows” are subject to a 100% cancellation fee, no refunds, no session credits, no exceptions. There will be no rescheduling or changes within 24 hours of reserved session time. A “no show” is defined as not arriving by activity departure time. Cancellation requests must be made in writing via email to Reservations@TahoeTreetop.com. All valid change requests made outside of 24 hours are subject to availability.

We offer an exciting, fun, and affordable activity for the whole family. As such, we are very popular and are often completely sold out. Because we turn away so many people and have such a short busy season, we are not able to offer refunds that do not meet the cancellation policy. Before making a reservation, we will assume you have read the following;

  1. Please only reserve the exact number of spots you need.
  2. Confirm all participants are willing and able to do this activity, (not terrified of heights, in good health and able to adequately perform the tasks required of them, fit within our operating parameters – 260 lbs or less and 6 years of age or older),
  3. We operate RAIN OR SHINE. You are advised to check the weather forecast before you make a reservation. If inclement weather is possible and you make a reservation despite the forecast, you are choosing to accept the terms of the weather policy. You are expected to arrive for your scheduled session prepared, or cancel/reschedule with 24 hour notice in writing via email, or 7 days for groups of 10+.
Groups reservations of 10 or more must be paid in advance. A refund will be given for whole-group cancellations more than 7 days in advance in writing, via email. Whole-group cancellations within 7 days but more than 24 hours will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee. Partial-group cancellations within 24 hours are subject to a 100% cancellation fee.

Circumstances that require us to close the entire park, other than weather, will result in a session credit or refund by original method of payment. This is a % credit or refund based on the time remaining in your session

Our activities operate RAIN, SNOW, or SHINE.  Only severe weather conditions such as fire, lightning, or severe wind will temporarily close the Tahoe Treetop Adventure Park courses.  In the event we temporarily close the courses due to weather, guests can receive a Session Credit or reschedule, if possible.  Refunds will only be issued to those unable to start their sessions due to the closure.

You are advised to check the weather forecast before you make a reservation.  If inclement weather is possible and you make a reservation despite the forecast, you are choosing to accept the terms of the weather policy.  You are expected to arrive for your scheduled session prepared, or cancel/reschedule with 24 hour notice in writing via email, or 7 days for groups of 10+.

What if I am already on course and am required to get down? Partial credits will be offered to those that were already on course as per the schedule below;  If closure happens;

0 – 60 minutes from session start = 100% session credit

60 – 120 minutes from session start = 50% session credit

120 – 150 minutes from session start = no credit

Session Credit or Reschedule Procedure 

Participants must request a credit or reschedule either; in person, on the phone, or by email.  A no call-no show will not result in an automatic credit.  The credit will be applied to the customer’s account in Xola, our reservation software. The credit is valid for one year from issue date.

Lightning Protocol

How does Tahoe Treetop Adventure Parks determine if lightning poses a danger?

We follow a well-known method referred to as the Flash-Bang method.  It is used nationwide, Google it for more info.  It can be used as a basic method to judge how far away a lightning storm is.  It is practiced as such:  count the number of seconds between seeing lightning and hearing thunder and divide by 5 to get the number of miles away from the storm.

How is the flash-bang method applied in this context?

Lightning usually strikes within a 6-mile radius so if the count between lightning and thunder is less than 30 seconds, we will cease operations.  We will resume operations after 30 minutes if lightning followed by thunder within 30 seconds does not occur again.  If lightning and thunder do occur before the 30 minutes has elapsed then the 30-minute wait begins again.  This process continues until at least a full 30-minute wait period is accomplished without  above scenario occurring.

There is rain and lightning where I currently am and I have a reservation in an hour, what should I do?  

We recommend you show up for your reservation as you were expecting to.   The weather in the mountains changes fast, specific regions in the Tahoe basin can have somewhat different weather than other regions.  Remember it is the lightning that closes the courses – this tends to be specific to a certain region and not widespread.  If your session proceeds and your group is not there, you will not be eligible for a credit.

What is the reasoning behind the weather policy?

Our 30+ years of experience in the North Tahoe region tells us that Summer storms typically do not last long.  Almost always, they come and go within an hour, but not always.  Occasionally, it rains and cools off the area and dampens the dusty trails, which makes us happy.  Most of the time, the lightning (followed by thunder within 30 seconds) does not stay in the area longer than an hour.  As a result, we are able to reopen.  It may still be raining and there may still be flashes of lightning.  But, if the flash is not followed by thunder within 30 seconds, then the lightening is deemed to be far enough away that the risk is within an acceptable level to allow us to operate.

Wind Protocol

Consistent, sustained winds of 30 mph will necessitate a close look by senior management regarding the feasibility of adventure park operations.  The operation of some courses is possible; however, the wind may affect zip line speed, especially for the zips operating in a west to east direction.  Certain course closures may occur with other courses able to operate.  The situation is contextual based on wind speed, direction, time of year, and other environmental factors.

Wind speed will be measured and evaluated using the website, Weather Underground, (wunderground.com). The site offers many different measurement locations in the Tahoe basin, station information we use is listed below;

For Tahoe Vista

Weather Station ID: KCATAHOE1

Station Name: tahoe vista

Latitude / Longitude: N 39 ° 14 ‘ 33 ”, W 120 ° 3 ‘ 37 ”
Elevation: 6397

City: Tahoe Vista
State: CA

For Tahoe City

Weather Station ID: KCATAHOE14

Station Name: Tahoe City, Ca

N 39 ° 9 ‘ 36 ”, W 120 ° 8 ‘ 58 ”
Elevation: 6371

Tahoe City
State: CA

Rain Protocol

All courses are typically able to be operated during rain and there is no restriction on operating in the rain.  Credits and refunds will be handled by following our cancellation policy.

Snow Protocol

All courses are able to be operated during/after a snowstorm, however, operations will be determined by our ability to remove snow from the courses.  Additionally, the feasibility of zip line operations will be determined on a contextual basis.  Some storms result in ice build-up on the cable making operations not possible, whereas, other storms do not have this effect.  Usually, customer demand to participate in the adventure park experience during these weather events is very low.  Credits and refunds will be handled by following our cancellation policy.

Fire & Smoke Protocol

Fire closure will be dictated by the local fire authority in the Tahoe region.  Course closures based on smoky conditions will be based on AirNow.gov recommendations.  (Environmental Protection Agency) Unhealthy and Very Unhealthy conditions in the Tahoe Basin may result in course closures.  Credits and refunds will be handled by following our cancellation policy.

The minimum age is 6 years old for all of our Adventure Parks.   No exceptions.

There is no minimum weight, maximum weight is 260 lbs. This may be verified with a scale in the harnessing area. If you make a reservation and are not 260 lbs or less according to our scale, you will not receive a refund.

The technology we have invested in allows the tours to be self-guided. Each tour begins with a short ground school and then participants are able to use the various courses as they wish, with staff monitoring and lending assistance from the ground. This is not a guided tour; staff monitors from the ground. All Aerial Adventure Parks operate in this manner. We are not offering anything out of the norm.

The Treetop courses in Tahoe City and Tahoe Vista have 2.5 hour sessions. The approximate 10-15 minute “ground school” is part of this 2.5 hours. Sessions are booked on the :15 and :45 minute marks on the hour. We ask that you show up 15 minutes before your session so we can handle the participant agreement paperwork and have your group use the restroom before putting on a full-body harness for almost 3 hours. Near the :15 and :45 mark in each hour we will begin to get participants into harnesses so we can begin the ground school at the :30 or :00 marks on the hour.

The sessions are self-guided with staff monitoring from the ground. As such, you can stop at any point during your session.

Please wear closed-toes shoes that tie (tennis shoes, hiking shoes or boots), comfortable clothes that allow you to climb in a full body harness, a layer that zips (hoodie, fleece, jacket) so that it can be taken off or put on over a full-body harness, gloves of any kind, and a water bottle for each participant.

The Tahoe City location does not have any picnic tables.  There are some seating areas for guests and spectators but no tables.  Commons Beach is 1 mile away in Tahoe City with facilities for your whole family before or after your session.

The Tahoe Vista location does have some picnic tables for use on a show-up basis or by reservation for a group site.  Tahoe Treetop is within the North Tahoe Regional Park, where you may reserve picnic areas through the North Tahoe PUD: http://northtahoeparks.com/north-tahoe-regional-park.

Yes, if your child is 6 or 7 years old. A ratio of 1 adult per two 6-7 year olds is acceptable. If your child is older, you may supervise from the ground for which there is no charge. You need to be within line of sight of your child. There are absolutely no drop-offs of minors under 18 years of age, you must remain on property to help monitor your child’s behavior.

While we are all dog lovers, we cannot allow dogs on the property on or off leash during session times. Please respect this request. Service dogs are the only exception.

Our helmets are not equipped with Go-Pro mounts. If you bring your own mount, please allow time before your session to get this affixed to the helmet, and realize that it will be left behind and not removed. You may also wear your own helmet with Go-Pro attached if it meets safety regulations.

Please plan to arrive to your session 15 minutes prior to your start time to sign in and process waivers. As we are often sold out, late arrivals will not be able to reschedule or move to a later session, add time to a session, and we will not be able to pro-rate or offer refunds. It is necessary that you are harnessed and attend ground school with the other participants in your session. Please be aware of road construction delays and a marked increase in the volume of traffic from May to September and again from December-March, which can add at least half an hour to your drive time from anywhere around the lake.

An Aerial Adventure Park (aerial trekking course) is much more active that doing a zip line or zip line tour. You will be busy the entire 2+ hours. There are many unique and challenging events, wobbly and shaky bridges, and some zip lines. This is not a “ride.” You are fully involved and engaged and may be sweaty, dirty, and smiling afterwards. We hear feedback that people did not expect such a workout.

To be eligible for a group discount you must have 12 people on one reservation with one payment. For a group team building program, 10 is the minimum number of participants. No Groups Discounts apply from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day.

No, we do not allow the use of drones at any of our locations. There are many reasons with the main one being it creates a safety concern.

Yes, we encourage participants to bring their own helmets to wear. Bike helmets or climbing helmets are most appropriate.

Although we do wash the helmets after each use, we cannot guarantee this won’t happen. If you are concerned about this or think this is the case, please search online for the Michigan Head Lice Manual, it’s a great source of information and may provide some insight before assuming the lice came from a helmet. From the manual, pages 4 & 5;

Myth: Lice are commonly spread through hats, helmets, or headphones.

Fact: Although the spreading of lice through hats, helmets, or headphones is possible, it is rare. It is more common for transmission to occur from pillows, hairbrushes, or bedding. Transmission primarily occurs through head-to-head contact.

If you are 49″ tall or more then you can access all the courses. However, you should not have an expectation to be able to complete all the courses as the Tahoe City and Tahoe Vista locations are quite large.

A few years ago our reservation software provider dedicated they were a “partner” and deserved a percentage of the business. We don’t see it that way, however, their software is working for us so we’re sticking with them. The majority of the checkout fees go to them with a small amount going to fund our reservation office. The TBID is new to the North Lake Tahoe area and is a common assessment found in tourism-based economies. The Tourism Business Improvement District will help the North Lake Tahoe area with; Achievable Workforce Housing Solutions, Traffic Management, Offsetting Tourism Impacts, and Destination Management.

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