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Team Building in Tahoe. Imagine improving the effectiveness of your group and pushing your own individual performance to new heights … all while enjoying the spectacular beauty of a Lake Tahoe setting! The team building activities at Tahoe Treetop Adventure Parks do just that, providing benefits both to the team and to the individual.


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Group Size 10 – 90

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Ages 7+

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From $75+

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Time Needed: 3.5 – 6 hours

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Location: Tahoe City, Olympic Valley, or Tahoe Vista

Teambuilding programs at one of our Aerial Adventure Parks are the most popular group programs we offer.  We start with a large variety of low-to-the-ground events to encourage your team to work together and build bonds.

Next, we allow participants to challenge themselves up high in the trees. Each participant chooses his or her own level of challenge and nobody is pressured to climb. It is “Challenge by Choice” and there are climbing events suitable and appropriate for very diverse populations – almost anybody who wants to climb can be accommodated.

Our findings show that the most effective learning occurs when participants choose to challenge themselves, with each individual measuring success by his or her own standards and goals. A great feature of these programs is that everyone can be involved, regardless of physical fitness, ability, or athletic prowess. Climbers always wear harnesses and helmets and are connected to a belay system.


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Group Size 14 – 80

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Ages 9+

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From $60+

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Time Needed: 2.5 – 4 hours

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Location: Olympic Valley or Tahoe Vista

tahoe city california team building search and discover

A great team building activity ideally suited for larger groups interested in an event that involves hiking or snowshoeing. The large group is broken up into smaller teams of approximately 7 – 10 persons.

This program involves learning a useful skill, orienteering (using a map & compass), to navigate through the woods in search of different stations. At some stations, the small team will be faced with a fun and challenging task to accomplish before moving to the next station. These tasks require the teams to use their varied individual and collaborative team skills to discover the solution and advance to the next station.

This involves hiking both on and off trails. This is a great team building activity for icebreaking, bonding, and working together as a team and can be set up as a competitive event.

(Year-round, weather dependent in Winter)


tahoe city california team building team orienteering
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Minimum Group Size: 15

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Ages 9+

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From $50+

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Time Needed: 1.5 – 3 hours

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Location: Olympic Valley or Tahoe Vista

A great team building activity ideally suited for groups interested in a fun event that involves hiking or snowshoeing.

The large group is broken up into smaller teams of approximately 2-3 persons. Participants are given an initial map & compass lesson and are then set free to find as many stations as possible within the time limit. Each station has a code word to record on their score sheets.

Orienteering is an active program that involves participants hiking both on and off trails. It is a fun program for bonding and working together in a small group.

(Year-round, weather dependent in Winter)


The Winter options for groups wanting a bonding/team building experience include the;

Treetop Adventure Park,

Snowshoe tours,

Team Orienteering,

Search & Discover.

These programs are all weather dependent and plans may change last minute as the weather in the mountains can change rapidly during the Winter.

tahoe city california team building winter programs


Group participation in these activities can be an enlightening experience that can help participants understand the groups’ process and his/her role within the system. It is often surprising how quick we default to our typical roles when asked to work together as a team, even during a short team task requiring cooperation. The tasks we engage in are often short and contain an element of fun, however, they also are metaphors that can highlight typical participant behavior within the team setting. Through reflection and debrief we can bring out some of the salient points regarding the experience and collaboratively bring forth ideas that would help “build a better team.” If implemented, these ideas can result in lasting change, however, it is important to realize, all “application is complication.”


Tahoe Treetop Adventure Parks and Olympic Valley Adventure Center has been offering Bonding and Team building programs in Lake Tahoe for over 30 years. We have worked with thousands of corporate clients, youth groups, school & church groups, sports teams and more. Ropes Courses and Adventure Parks are especially well suited and designed to host groups wanting a bonding and/or team building experience.

Often, we start with some low-to-the-ground activities aimed at fun and putting participants at ease. Follow this with some small team tasks that afford an opportunity for small teams to work together attempting a variety of challenges. These low activities are the “foundation” building activities where a supportive, trusting, and communicative environment are built. Next to follow at one of the Treetop Adventure Parks are the high/climbing events. These add to the program in that they allow participants to challenge themselves and take a risk to the level of his/her choice.

 Each person chooses to challenge him or herself, without coercion from others, it’s “Challenge by Choice.” Challenging oneself and taking a risk, when done in a supportive and trusting environment with peers, builds bonds and breaks down barriers. The activity alone can be the bonding effort or we can facilitate a group debrief to process the experience and “build the bridge” to the workplace, school, or other environment.


Having your team building experience with Tahoe Treetop Adventure Parks offers many rewards. Your group will leave with increased awareness as a result of engaging in dialogue about group dynamics such as leadership, communication, roles, goals, and problem solving.

Team members will have fun while challenging themselves and learning skills to work together more successfully. Our team building activities take full advantage of all that Tahoe has to offer.  In addition to, or as an alternative to the aerial adventure parks, your group may also choose orienteering-based programs (using a map or compass), or an add-on activity through one of our partner organizations.  In winter, snowshoeing and winter orienteering are available

We work with you to design a team building experience that best suits your group. First, we’ll help you decide what your group wants to accomplish by identifying clear goals and measurements for your program.  Then we’ll work with you to develop a program design specifically tailored to your group.  We’ll see that your event takes place in a supportive, encouraging, and trusting environment.  Group members will be engaged, involved and open to learning.

You’ll find that you’ll better retain the skills you learn and increase your awareness of behavioral patterns.  This is because the group actively experiences, reflects, internalizes, and then discusses the group’s dynamics.  And, we can help your group plan how to apply the lessons back to work, school, home, or anywhere else.

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