Time To Start Your Aerial Adventure


Aerial adventure parks are incredible places that offer a unique outdoor experience. The setting is perfect for those looking to get outside and have fun in nature. Although some may view them as more of a challenge than others, the end result is unparalleled enjoyment. If you are interested in trying something new or learning something new, it is imperative you explore and try one of our aerial adventure parks.

Aerial Adventure Parks are the equivalent of an aerial trek through the forest. Each course starts with an initial tree platform accessed by a vertical climb, inclined ramp, or zip line.

Participants will navigate rope swings, wobbly bridges, swinging logs, tightropes, cargo nets, horizontal climbing walls, and more as they progress through a variety of bridges/events to consecutive tree platforms. Occasionally, instead of a bridge/event will be a zip line to the next tree platform.

Most courses consist of approximately 7 to 12 tree platforms and events between them with an Adventure Park consisting of 5 to 10 courses, totaling 70+ tree platforms. It’s a fun and thrilling experience right in the midst of nature.

We have courses to accommodate all levels of athleticism, from easy to quite challenging. After 2.5 hours of action, participants return tired, hungry, perhaps dusty and sweaty, and grinning from ear to ear. The experience is not a ride; it is interactive. You will be engaged and participating for 2+ hours.