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At Tahoe Treetop Adventure Parks we love the natural environment. After all, look where we live. The events and elements are built using environmentally sensitive methods to mitigate harm to the forest and trees. We have spared no expense to protect the trees as much as possible, employing state-of-the-art methods of platform attachment you won’t find used anywhere else in the world. We believe we are setting the trend in tree platform attachment methods.

In the Trees;

Our platform attachment method uses a compression method of protect the living tree. While many companies make this claim, not all compression methods are well designed to allow for fluid flow up and down the tree. Additionally, many of these methods require constant adjustments to the platforms to allow for tree girth growth. The adjustments are often quite time consuming, difficult to make, and arguably pointless because damage to the tree has already been done. Our method utilizes a compression technique than minimizes the footprint on the tree and is easily accommodated by the tree.

All elements and belay cables are wrapped around minimally-sized blocks that allow for fluid translocation and do not allow for girdling of the tree. We use composite materials or treated wood to prevent decay build up between the bark and wood due to moisture damage.

Platforms and elements can be moved and redesigned in case of tree or forest health needs that may arise.

On the Ground;

We have taken care and devoted much time to marking designated paths between the courses and trees. One of the most harmful impacts in a forested area is compaction of the root zones at the base of trees. A compacted root zone does not allow fluid and natural nutrients to flow to the tree roots and can slowly kill trees. We mark paths and create removable ground platforms to keep the root zones healthy.

We have become stewards of the forested area surrounding our courses. Trees not part of the course can sometimes still threaten the health of the critical trees that are part of the course. We are always on the lookout for Bark beetles, Mistletoe, and other disease that can be harmful to our urban-forested environment. We go to great lengths to care for the forest and trees, even if we’re not actively using them.

We are working with the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency to study and measure the effects of this type of activity on the trees. We have hired the best Consulting Arborists and employed the latest testing and measurement methods to establish a baseline tree health from which we can measure well into the future.

Living Classroom;

Occasionally, we offer curriculum about the trees in the Tahoe region. With students and other interested participants, we discuss the various trees in the area and show specific examples of the resiliency and amazing features of trees.
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